What is Blog Nosh Magazine to You? Creating a Twice-Baked “About.”

Nosh Notes from the EditorNow that we have our newfangled direct submissions form, I have been struggling to tighten up our “About” page.  In all honesty, I am simply too close to it.

How do you define what we do at Blog Nosh Magazine?

I look at our goals:

  • encourage readers to consider content from genres they would otherwise not seek out on their own, done largely by juxtaposing posts in seemingly dichotomous genres side-by-side in our daily features (for instance, we recently published a post about finding the right church next to a post about gay marriage, resulting in emails of the “Thank you, I never would have read that blog…” variety)
  • encourage bloggers to not farm out (unpaid) previously unpublished original content to larger sites, in direct detriment to the quality and quantity of their own personal blog posts (this is why we do not accept previously unpublished submissions)
  • foster the understanding that personal blogs are not all fluff but actually do churn out magazine-quality content on a daily basis, largely for the art of writing and conviction (when you don’t have to answer to The Man, you are more likely to let your freak flag fly:  aka your true colors fearlessly, or at the very least less fearfully, show)

Regardless of how I define our efforts, I still find blog posts raving about us but simultaneously referring to us as a feed aggregator.  Or I feel a personal twinge of guilt when I read posts that deter writers from sharing their content for free, in exchange for a byline and free publicity.

One)  We are not an automatic feed aggregator.  Our content is hand selected by editors, culled from their personal blog reading and via direct submissions.  We are an online literary magazine striving to advocate the value of personal blogs by highlighting the strongest content out there, often content that has fallen into the dark and dusty archives of blogs, rarely to be seen again.

Two)  I would love to pay for every post we republish, but we simply can’t.  Yet.  As is the case with most online publications.  The difference with us is that we don’t ask you to write anything new.  So yes, bloggers submit their personal posts to us, those that have already been published on their personal blogs, and what we offer in exchange is exposure to a diverse audience, one that is highly open-minded and willing to consider voices from genres that they had previously thought to be of no interest to them.  Or, more broadly, expose their writing to an audience that craves fresh voices and delicious content but appreciates the take-out/ delivery method of Blog Nosh Magazine.

But, um, see?  I have trouble editing my own writing.  No one new to Blog Nosh Magazine is going to take the time to read my essay on our delectable nature.

According to our recent poll, while 80% of you are bloggers, a generous 20% of you are here to nosh on the content alone, with no blog servings of your own to deliver back at home.  Therefore, I trust your diverse opinions regarding what it is that you think we do.  Who do we serve and how do you perceive the table is filled?

You tell me:  How do you define Blog Nosh Magazine? As a new reader, what would make you stop in your tracks, grasp what it is that we do in one fine dollop of the fudge spoon, and then stick around for seconds?

Nosh Notes from the Editor is a weekly feature by Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Megan Jordan from Velveteen Mind.



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2 Comments to “What is Blog Nosh Magazine to You? Creating a Twice-Baked “About.””

  1. I haven’t submitted anything, but I subscribe to your feed and check back often because I love meeting new and interesting bloggers. I’m going through a very self-reflective time and the more I learn about others, the more I’m learning about myself. You offer an eclectic mix that shows a “best of the best”. I forgive you for making me hungry every time I am here…like that chocolate covered strawberry calling my name on your sidebar. Yeah. That.

    SO, how do I define Blog Nosh?
    If you want to see the “best of the best” posts, chosen by other bloggers in the know, (or if you’re into food porn!) check out Blog Nosh.

    Ashlie- Mommycosms last blog post..Haiku Friday: Sick

  2. tiff says:

    I haven’t submitted either. I come here to discover new blogs and the people behind them. I love looking at all the different posts and articles. There is alot I can relate to, alot I can learn from and alot of bloggers that I have come to love from first finding them here.

    Blog Nosh is like a meeting place for bloggers, to me.

    tiffs last blog post..Weekly Winners.